What our customers have to say about Coconut Essentials

coconut-essential-reviewsWorth the Money!

"Omg I love this stuff! Great product... I use it on my kids dry skin and on my eczema. Works fantastic and I love that all the ingredients are safe and organic, and it's made in the U.S. Total bonus!"

- Patrick B (Amazon Customer)


Wonderful Stuff!

"I love this product for my extremely painful chapped hands and feet. I feel comfortable using on my Grandchildren. Coconut Baby is wonderfully amazing."

- Luvbooks (Amazon Customer)


This stuff is amazing! Been using it on my son since birth

"This stuff is amazing! Been using it on my son since birth. Cleared up Cradle Cap almost immediately. We use as a diaper rash cream and it works by the time I change the next diaper GREAT product!"

- Amazon Customer


Cradle Cap Conquered!

"This stuff is amazing!! My two-year old daughter has had Cradle Cap from the start.. After one use it was almost completely gone! I used it a second time about a week later and there was no trace of Cradle Cap! Miracle!"

- Julie Gingras (Amazon Customer)


This stuff is amazing!

"OMG, I love this stuff! Great product... I use it on my kids' dry skin and on my eczema. Works fantastic and I love that all the ingredients are safe and organic, and it's made in the U.S. Total bonus!"

-  Amazon Customer


Excellent Baby Oil

"We use this for our 5.5 month old girl who has some dryness and flaky skin on her scalp. She loves it and we love it. It's healthy for everyone and and works great to moisturize and heal her dry scalp. Smells great and is a good value. Totally natural is the best thing about it. Will recommend to anyone and will buy again for sure. It's actually very easy to splurge and use it on yourself while in the process with the baby... very addictive."

- 4runner (Amazon Customer)


I wish I could give this more stars

“This stuff works wonders on my baby’s hair and skin! He has horrible eczema and extremely sensitive skin. I’ve used everything and for a while only steroids would clear up his flare ups. He also has cradle cap so bad his scalp will get scabs. After 2 days of using this his skin is clearing up and the scabs on his scalp are smaller. It also makes his curls soft and look great! It is so worth the price and I love that it’s completely organic and smells great! My husband also uses it to condition his beard and loves it. That’s a plus since our baby gets his sensitive skin from him!”

- Joel (Amazon Customer)


Great for babies eczema and diaper irritation

“Purchased for my babies dry skin and patches of eczema. It really helps heal her dry skin. I also use it on her skin were diapers rub up against and can cause irritating red lines. This really prevents friction and the red lines from her diapers. Just remember if you leave it out on a warm day that it melts. I didn’t realize how warm our house had gotten and opened it spilling half the container. Great product. I just ordered more for my baby and will continue to use it!”

- Lindsey Smith (Amazon Customer)


Wonderful Stuff!

“I love this product for My extremely painful chapped hands and feel comfortable using on My Grandchildren. Coconut Baby is wonderfully amazing.”

- Luvbooks (Amazon Customer)


I use it on my 3-week old's face

“I used it on my 3 week old's face because of terrible cheek acne that was making the skin dry, tough, and inflamed looking.. within 2 days of use his skin was looking a lot better..I’d recommend it to everyone… I really wish I took before and after pictures”

- Amazon Customer


Also for Adults

“I know it’s advertised for babies but I love it as a moisturizer for myself. Baby your own adult skin. It’s absolutely wonderful!”

- A Perrishon (Amazon Customer)


Love This Stuff

“Last year I stopped using conventional deodorants and since have been having a difficult time finding a natural one that actually works and doesn’t cause a break out because of too much baking soda. I started using Coconut Essentials Coconut Baby a while back and it was actually working. It was keeping me dry and odor free, plus it got rid of my dry skin and rash from the previous deodorants. The only thing I wished it had was a scent. Then I saw their Body Butter, it is scented with peppermint so I ordered it and I am so glad I did! The smell is very pleasant, my hubby says it smells kind of like a mint chocolate haha! It works wonderfully! I also use it for shaving, I do not rinse off I just dab dry so it works as a moisturizer as well. I just love Coconut Essentials products. They are all natural high quality and perfect for my family!”

- Krystale (Amazon Customer)


Love My Skin!

“No sticky residue….with Body Butter! This is my choice of creams! Better than any the expensive body creams/butter I have ever used! Keep your routine simple, use this quality product and I promise your skin will love you for it!”

- Sue L (Amazon Customer)


Wonderful Product!

“Wish I could buy this Coconut Essentials Body Butter in a 55 gallon drum. It is simply fantastic! This is the third product I have tried, in the Coconut Essentials line, and will never go back to the products I have been using in years past. This body butter blows the others out of the water! Looking forward to trying other products in this line.”

- Darthy Vasquez (Amazon Customer)


Amazing Product

“This is a terrific product. As promised it made my skin smooth and supple – hard to do with this winter weather in Michigan. I tend to have very dry, cracked feet and hands – this product delivered. You won’t regret this purchase.”

- Kathleen (Amazon Customer)


Coconut Essentials - Great Product for my problem skin - Highly Recommend!!

“WOW – I have always had dry flaky skin – what a relief to find Coconut Essentials Body Butter – Bye Bye problem skin!! Love this product!!”

- Brenda Adler (Amazon Customer)