It's common for new mothers to have stretch marks and damaged nipples, but you don't have to deal with that...

One of the many wonderful things about being a mother is having the opportunity to share that special bond with your child while in the womb and after birth during breastfeeding. However, it comes with many complications... stretch marks and dried nipples!

Stretch marks are not ideal and it's not easy finding a product that prevents and heals your skin. The natural ingredients our Coconut Essential products make a fabulous moisturizer and prevents stretch marks form happening. Although, there are many products out there day, many of them are costly and aren’t as effective as the ingredients in Coconut Essentials products.

Some of you know what it's like to breastfeed... it's not always fun. Actually, breastfeeding can be extremely painful as nipples can easily become cracked and dried. There are dozens of nipple cremes out there to help with that, yet, they all have chemicals, which will eventually get in your newborn baby's body.

The Coconut Essentials products are a safe, natural, oil-based moisturizer that can help safely prevent stretch marks and heal damaged breasts.

Customer Testimonies

Love this stuff!

"I bought this product for several reasons. My kids and I have dry skin and hair! We have tried many products and they either didn't work or caused a rash with one of us, due to some chemical in the ingredients. I REALLY love this product because it is all natural and great for sensitive skin, which we have! You can use this for so many things. I use this on my hair as a conditioning treatment, I shave with it, after I shower I use it as a full body moisturizer, I even use it as a deodorant! It has vitamin E oil and sunflower oil, which are both very good for you! It's a wonderful product and one that we trust to use for our family."


"This is a terrific product. As promised it made my skin smooth and supple - hard to do with this winter weather in Michigan. I tend to have very dry, cracked feet and hands - this product delivered. You won't regret this purchase."

Wonderful Product!

"Wish I could buy this Coconut Essentials Body Butter in a 55 gallon drum. It is simply fantastic! This is the third product I have tried, in the Coconut Essentials line, and will never go back to the products I have been using in years past. This body butter blows the others out of the water! Looking forward to trying other products in this line."

Head to Toe

"I use the body butter from head to toe - face, neck, arms, legs and feet. Never greasy - your skin absorbs this natural product leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth."

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