Coconut Baby is an organic coconut oil based moisturizer that can help safely treat cradle cap in infants

Does your child suffer from Cradle Cap? Cradle cap is a skin condition that many newborns get which causes large patches of dry skin on their delicate head.  These dry patches, if not treated, will continue to build on itself to create thick, stinky mounds of dry flakes.  It can also cause babies to lose their hair in these places. There are several highly-advertised treatments out there to treat Cradle Cap, but contain strong chemicals.  Do you really want to use chemicals on a newborn baby’s head??  No way!! COCONUT BABY can help safely without using chemicals on your precious newborn’s delicate skin.

How to treat cradle cap with COCONUT BABY:

  1. Place newborn in baby bathtub in sink for regular bath time.
  2. Rub COCONUT BABY on all parts of cradle cap and let soak in for a few minutes.
  3. Next take a baby comb or brush and gently massage the tops of the patches to loosen the flakes.
  4. Keep massaging spots and comb or brush out flakes.
  5. Shampoo or cleanse hair as normal to rinse out the oil or just rinse and leave in as conditioner.
  6. May take several applications to completely remove ALL cradle cap.


Customer Testimonies
cradle cap

This stuff is amazing!!

"My two-year old daughter has had Cradle Cap from the start. After one use it was almost completely gone! I used it a second time about a week later and there was no trace of Cradle Cap! Miracle!"

Excellent Baby Oil

"We use this for our 5.5 month old girl who has some dryness and flaky skin on her scalp. She loves it and we love it. It's healthy for everyone and and works great to moisturize and heal her dry scalp. Smells great and is a good value. Totally natural is the best thing about it. Will recommend to anyone and will buy again for sure. It's actually very easy to splurge and use it on yourself while in the process with the baby... very addictive."

It's amazing!

"Been using it on my son since birth. Cleared up Cradle Cap almost immediately. We use as a diaper rash cream and it works by the time I change the next diaper GREAT product!"