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The Story Behind Coconut Essentials

Coconut Essentials is a family owned and operated business that was started in Michigan by Angela Banks, a mother of four, a wife, a teacher, and coach.

When I (Angela Banks) became pregnant with my daughter, my skin became very sensitive and dry. I tried using one of the highly advertised products on the market to prevent stretch marks and ended up getting a heat rash all over. I was so uncomfortable and couldn’t understand why a product that was advertised for pregnant women would have this effect on me. From that point on I started reading labels for ingredients and researching the different types of ingredients and their uses. I was shocked at the amount of chemicals found in everyday skincare. It was from this moment that I started to worry about what I was putting on my skin and potentially exposing my unborn baby to as well. I did not want to use any chemicals on my skin or on anyone in my family.

After researching some ingredients, I fell in love with organic coconut oil. I loved the benefits of it and how gentle and moisturizing it really was. I used it as my overall moisturizer through the rest of my pregnancy. After my daughter was born, she developed eczema and very sensitive skin. I started using organic coconut oil on her skin as well and amazingly her eczema cleared up in a day or two. Then, she developed a major case of cradle cap and again I turned to organic coconut oil. By this time I was also using it to moisturize my dry cracked nipples from breastfeeding as well as a makeup remover at night. I just loved the amount of things I could use coconut oil for. After my 2nd daughter was born and I was using organic coconut oil for everything skin related, my husband said, “Don’t you think if you love it so much that other mothers would want to use it too?” I knew I had to make an all in one product for other moms out there like me. Coconut Baby Oil and Coconut Essentials was born.

Our Story

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