Preparing for a baby can be difficult (and expensive)

As new parents, there are so many buying decisions you'll be making - from brands, to products and the necessities. To save you time (and hopefully a few bucks), my husband and I created a New Parents Buyer's Guide that will tell you everything you need to know in your first year of parenting, when it comes to purchases.

Take the advice from an experienced mother of four. I've spent endless hours researching and spent hundreds of dollars. In this guide, I'm sharing what I learned to make the first year of parenting easier and less expensive! This guide will give you insight on:

  • Top items to add to your baby shower registry
  • Advice on which brands to use with it comes to necessities, like diapers and strollers
  • Products that will prepare you for your first year of parenting
  • A coupon to help you save on my favorite skin care product

To download the 2019 New Parents Buyer's Guide, complete the form below.

New Parents Buyer's Guide

"This guide saved me hours of research and hundreds of dollars!"